Land Clearing

Land clearing is the most important step in building or making pastures most people think you do it once and that's it. It all comes around in the end, what you do in the beginning will effect everything after construction. It is also very dangerous work without the right equipment. We have everything you need to get it done safe and effectively. Also very important to have the land surveyed and having permits before breaking ground.

I have seen people bury the lumber, yes it is cheaper than hauling it off or burning it. But I have seen it create sinkholes for homes, lawnmowers and even animals and then it being 10 times more expensive to fix. It is also cheaper to push the lumber into the woods but after construction you will have termites, bugs, snakes and a ugly back yard. It will also be more expensive to haul everything out after the house or barn has been built.

Palmetto Land Services does not bury or leave it in a pile, we do the job right on the first step to ensure a easier last step!

So give us a call and we will be glad to meet and discuss a game plan to get the job done right.


We look forward to walk your property and learning more about your project. Please share as much information upon submission so we can be well prepared.