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Construction Pads

In doing a construction pad it is very important to have the right soil and the right compaction for a solid foundation.

It is very important to cut out any topsoil. Topsoil shifts under extreme weight, that's why so many homes have foundation cracking. After the topsoil is removed to solid ground it is also important to have the right compaction while building up.

We provide a soil engineer who comes to the job and tests compaction every 2 ft, this is called a engineered monolithic pad. Engineered pads are meant for a solid piece of concrete like a slab home or shop/barn. We do pads for all sorts but even if your pad doesn't need a engineer there it is still very important to do it right since all the hard work will be sitting on it.


We look forward to walk your property and learning more about your project. Please share as much information upon submission so we can be well prepared.